About Us

White Eagle has a well-deserved reputation for integrity and strong performance on a consistent basis.

As a buyer, White Eagle acquires quality multi-family dwellings at or below market value, identified through a well-established network of brokers, property managers and consultants. Currently, White Eagle owns and operates a portfolio of approximately 12,000 rental units, valued at over $2.5 Billion USD, in the New York Metro area as well as Nationwide.


As an owner, White Eagle maintains accountability at each of its properties by striving for the highest service standards for our tenants — distinguishing White Eagle in the real estate industry. White Eagle employs its own team of asset managers and third party local and national property managers to direct and oversee renovations, maintain broker/owner relations and provide market analysis. White Eagle is highly respected for its integrity and professionalism in landlord/tenant relations as well as for its relationships with lenders and brokers.


As an investor, White Eagle focuses on verifiable profit margins and attractive capitalization rates. Once we have acquired an asset, White Eagle upgrades the property to tap unrealized value. White Eagle then carefully follows market trends to identify optimum times to divest the asset to maximize investor returns.

Our Team

Israel Orzel

As President, Mr. Orzel oversees development, asset management and capital market activities. He has 35 years of hands-on experience in the real estate and the health care management industries. Mr. Orzel is also the principal investor and President of Adult Care Management, which owns and operates eight adult care facilities in the Northeast.

Jeffrey M. Weiskopf

Chairman and CEO
Mr. Weiskopf has over three decades experience in marketing, management and investing in a variety of businesses where he has overseen large scale management operations and supervised significant cost reduction programs. At White Eagle, he is responsible for the integration of the firm’s assets, regional management, executive team, and relations with bankers and investors. Mr. Weiskopf is known for uncompromising standards and leadership in the commercial multi-family industry and its financial markets.

Abe Spitz

Chief Operating Officer
Mr. Spitz serves as Chief Operating Officer of White Eagle Property Group and is responsible for the firms overall operation which includes, acquisition, asset management, and disposition of multifamily assets. Mr. Spitz has been directly involved in sourcing and managing in excess of 2.5 billion dollars’ worth of multifamily properties over his career. Mr. Spitz specializes in identifying true value add real estate opportunities and in the execution of the operational and capital business plans. Mr. Spitz is renowned in the multifamily industry and has a proven track record of increasing the bottom line.

Jonathan Rosenstock

Chief Financial Officer
Jonathan Rosenstock is the Chief Financial Officer, where he brings over 25 years of experience in leading corporate finance operations. Mr. Rosenstock oversees the financial aspects of the company, including tax, accounting, reporting, and treasury functions. He also acts as the liaison between Asset Management, Lenders, and Investor Relations in administrating reporting requirements and financial statements, and overseeing offering memoranda and the quarterly investor distribution process. Prior to joining White Eagle, Mr. Rosenstock served as a director at PwC, where he advised clients on financial issues. Earlier in his career, Mr. Rosenstock was a senior manager in GE Capital’s treasury group. Mr. Rosenstock is a certified public accountant and holds a Master’s degree in tax as well as a Bachelor’s degree in accounting, both from Baruch College in New York City.

Isaac Goldstein

Director of Asset Management and Construction
Isaac Goldstein oversees the asset performance and management operations for the firm’s properties nationwide. He also is responsible for supervising all major capital projects and improvements with a keen eye focusing on maximizing value and minimizing the cash outlays. Isaac joined the firm in 2014, and in that time has developed a relationship with vendors and managers in numerous markets. Mr. Goldstein’s operational capabilities and management principals have enhanced White Eagle’s status as one of the most respected multi-family firms on the East Coast

Jack Reich

Senior Asset Manager
Jack Reich, who joined White Eagle’s Asset Management team in late 2021, oversees all facets of property operations, capital allocations, and the execution of ownership strategy for his portfolio. Before joining White Eagle, Mr. Reich worked at Marx Development Group and Cammebys International, where he gained extensive experience in Real Estate Development, Construction, Property Management, and Asset Management.

Josh Schenker

Senior Asset Manager
Josh joined the firm in early 2021 and is responsible for the asset management of a diverse portfolio from the Midwest to the Southeastern regions of the country. He is the direct liaison between ownership and management and is involved in the day-to-day operations and back-end financials of all assets under his portfolio. Prior to joining White Eagle, Josh oversaw the asset management of assets located in North Carolina, South Carolina, Connecticut, Georgia and Maryland for two large national management firms.

Eli Senderowicz

Asset Manager
Eli Senderowicz joined White Eagle’s Asset Management team in 2020. Mr. Senderowicz works directly with the COO on implementing value-add strategies across the portfolio as well as managing his portfolio’s asset management, capital allocation, and execution of ownership strategy. Furthermore, he assists with all Underwriting, Due Diligence, and Transition of new acquisitions. Prior to joining White Eagle, Mr. Senderowicz worked at Harbor Group International, where he gained diversified real estate experience, including Investor Relations, Acquisitions, and Financial Analysis.

Jay Pollak

Jay Pollak, who serves as White Eagle’s Controller, joined the firm in 2017. Mr. Pollak has management responsibilities over the firms daily accounting operations for the entire portfolio. He oversees compliance, reporting, and cash management goals, working closely with both management accounting and operating teams. Mr. Pollak holds a Master’s in accounting from Fairleigh Dickenson University.

Rivky Weiss

Director of Investor Relations
Rivky joined the White Eagle team as Director of Investor Relations after having spent 7 years with Elon Property Management and Empirian Property Management. Rivky handles all inquiries and requests from current investors and manages the CRM systems. She works closely with the senior management team to execute acquisitions and dispositions and oversees the investor distribution processes.