White Eagle’s acquisitions team searches the country for high quality properties at below market prices. White Eagle relies on two basic strategies:


Aggressively pursue multi-family properties at below market pricing in areas that have strong potential for growth in valuation.
White Eagle pursues a disciplined real estate investment approach identifying attractive opportunities with significant upside potential and controllable downside protection and implement extensive research on neighborhoods, trends and markets before pursuing an acquisition. White Eagle thoroughly inspects and conducts due diligences, utilizing conservative assumptions and careful assessment of downside scenarios to make sure it fully understands the present value, short-term needs, and potential appreciation of the target asset.


When White Eagle goes to contract, both the broker and seller know that we will close.
This gives the firm creditability and strong buying power in the marketplace. White Eagle has demonstrated the ability to structure, negotiate, and close on the most complex acquisitions. Private sellers, REITS and other institutional owners who are disposing of assets consistently approach the firm as a potential buyer because of the certainty that White Eagle provides. This reputation, built over many years, combined with its extensive network of relationships provides White Eagle with proprietary transaction opportunities and a competitive advantage in many situations. White Eagle obtains financing on the best terms available in the market in order to provide transactions with increased downside protection.


White Eagle’s acquisition team is always looking for new investment opportunities.
Our acquisition criteria are extremely focused:
  • Asset Type Multi-family apartment complexes of 200+ units
  • Location Preferred locations are New York City, the Southeast, and Mid-Atlantic regions.
  • Asset Quality A to B assets. White Eagle only focuses on opportunities that fit its strict real estate investment parameters.