Investor Relations

A sharply focused strategy designed to leverage White Eagle expertise.

White Eagle’s focus on multi-family dwellings targets investments in assets that provide its investors with stable, favorable current cash returns offers our investors the security of steady rental income with the potential for significant returns when those properties are improved and sold in healthy markets.

We presently hold over 12,000 units in our portfolio. Our investment strategy of purchasing aggressively-priced properties nationwide — maximizes asset value with intelligent, methodical improvements and impeccable market timing. This strategy had led to excellent historical returns for our investors.

White Eagle has multi levels of management resources which allows the investor the comfort and peace of mind that not only is income maximized but that their investment is safe and secure.

To fund its investments, White Eagle’s principals invest their own capital and partner with a well-established circle of third-party investors and lenders. These relationships have been built over time and are based on stability, trust, and excellent financial performance. Our partners greatly value our business strategy and its implementation. We look forward to building ever stronger long-term networking relationships with all of our investors, both current and future.

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